We Still Wear Communist Shoes
a take on censorship
The image speaks of the disparity current censorship creates between reality and illusion in developing countries (Romania, here).

The Romanian artist's "Sunday-best" appearance contrasts with the environment. Artistic creation is represented by beauty, which is presented contorted, rolled sleeves (as a factory worker's), inappropriate shoes, color red as symbol of communist leftovers. Animal print attire represents the artist's need to wear different skins and to camouflage his or her true form.

The artist's creation turns into sewage, as it is trapped in a medium which doesn't encourage its development. This environment (country) is shown in the form of a bathroom stall, where the most basic of human conditions happens.

The artist usually flees his/her own country only to find more censorship in the boundaries of new land, lifestyles and language.

Censorship today threatens and morphs the development of individual expression. The fear of change puts a stop to natural progression.

And yet, the artist dreams of freedom.
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